Announcement: Next batch starts July 8th, 2024

💜 Welcome to Data Alchemy, a non-profit education program powered by 5X.
This online course is your launchpad into the world of data.
Data Alchemy focuses on hands-on learning, real-world projects, and industry-relevant skills to prepare you for success in data roles.

Class location
Self-paced learning + Zoom sessions
Course duration
8 weeks
Efforts required
20 hours/week
5X Team + Guest speakers
Course channel
Slack group
There are no rows in this table

Why did we start this Program?

Three years ago, Tarush & Qi started 5X with a simple idea: a 12-week program to empower startup CEOs with data literacy. But their journey didn't stop there. 5X grew into a data consultancy, helping companies implement their strategies, and then into a SaaS provider, democratising data infrastructure.
Through our experiences as a consultancy and SaaS provider, we witnessed the immense demand for skilled data professionals and the transformative power of data education.
Now, with Data Alchemy (powered by 5X), we're giving back to the community with the mission to empower the next generation of talent with the skills to succeed in the data-driven world. This is more than just a program; it's an investment in the future of aspiring data professionals in India.
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